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IVR Improvement Strategies

Improving IVR Usage, Acceptance, Customer Satisfaction

This report delivers the results of our latest research on Integrated Voice Response (IVR) self-serivce technology deployments. The Ascent Group has been conducting multi-industry research into IVR utilization and best practices since 1994.

The Ascent Group conducted research to better understand how different companies and industries are utilizing IVR technology to improve self-service and customer satisfaction and reduce operating costs. We asked companies to share IVR strategies and experiences to identify the practices that lead to higher customer usage, aceptance, and satisfaction. We also asked companies to provide their plans moving forward as well as lessons learned along the way.

This report profiles research participants in a case study format, sharing current IVR self-service practices, lessons learned, challenges overcome, plans for the future, and business practices that have led to improved IVR performance. In addition, we provide detailed results and analysis from the survey itself and detail "best practices" demonstrated by our participants.

The report also profiles the IVR technology in place within these companies, provides an analysis of IVR strategies and approaches, including deployment drivers, IVR objectives, IVR measurement techniques, system features, and promotional campaigns. Finally, we explore the successes achieved as a result of IVR deployment.

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IVR Self-Service Improvement Strategies

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